Blue Sapphire is a precious gemstone which is known as Neelam in Hindi. In India, This gemstone is commonly known as Neelam instead of Blue Sapphire gemstones. Its deep blue color makes it more attractive and gives a stunning look to the wearer. Each gemstone on the earth is associated with the desired planet. Blue Sapphire is often considered the gemstone of the Saturn planet. In India, Saturn Planet (Shani) is a highly powerful planet of the universe. If the placement of Saturn in the horoscope is not good then it can be dangerous for the wearer. It can be harmful to the person who wears this stone. That’s why always consult a good astrologer before wearing a gemstone. Because if you wear a gemstone without any consultation then it can give you many negative impacts on your life. Blue Sapphire gemstone is commonly used to remove the effects of Saturn planet from a person’s life. The result of the blue sapphire gemstone depends on the wearer. It can be malefic and beneficial for a person. 

If you wear the gemstone with the proper consultation of a Vedic astrologer then it can change your life positively. People who wear this gemstone are blessed to have a strong mental capability. It also gives courage that helps a person to get success in his life. It will give you mental peace that will increase your focusing power and hence you will be able to work more efficiently and that can improve your decision making ability. However, People who have the malefic effects of the Saturn planets are quite lazy,  evil, suspicious, and tricky. Hence it makes the wearer’s mindset negative. Individuals who have malefic impacts on their life are having bad qualities. They never have anything good in their life. They have to face many obstacles in their life and that stops a person from achieving their success in their life.  They become distrustful and unreliable and they do not get any good people around them. In addition to these problems they also face many health issues in their life. They suffer from many chronic diseases that can destroy a person’s life. That’s why blue sapphire is highly recommended for those who have malefic effects on their lifestyle. This Neelam Ratan removes all the negative impacts from the wearer’s life and gives him many astrological benefits and success in their life. If you are facing any type of issue related to the Saturn planet then you must wear this Neelam stone. But If you wear a duplicate or used gemstone then it will not work for you. Hence always buy real gemstones from a trusted gemstone store like Navratan



The quality of these gemstones depends on the color, cut, clarity and carat weight. These four factors are enough to judge the quality of any gemstone. While you purchase a gemstone, always try to check these factors. It will ensure you the original quality of the stone. Blue Sapphire gemstones are found all over the world but mainly this gemstone is found in Kashmir (India), Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, and America. There are different varieties in blue sapphire such as Kashmiri Blue Sapphire and Ceylon Blue Sapphire. Kashmiri Sapphires are considered as the highest quality in the quality scale. Blue Sapphires from Ceylon have the finest quality. Due to its blue texture, it becomes more popular all over the world. It can be used with any type of jewelry such as a ring, pendant, and necklace. Sapphires from Kashmir are quite more expensive compared to other varieties of blue sapphire gemstones such as Ceylon Blue Sapphire and Thailand blue sapphires

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