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Gemstones hold a significant value in everyone’s life. Be it the beautiful ornaments, or other things, the Blue Sapphire has always intrigued everyone. In Vedic astrology, the Blue Sapphire holds dedicated importance, and this time not because of its mesmerizing beauty but because of the incredible health benefits that the stone exhibits. Yes, the Blue Sapphire has a lot of other benefits aiding in the making of beautiful ornaments. In this article, we shall discuss in detail the Blue Sapphire gemstone or Neelam Ratan.



Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone is considered one of the most important precious stones​ available on Earth. Kashmir is said to be the finest producer of this stone. Widely known by the name Kashmir Blue Sapphire or Kashmir Neelam, is now depleted and hence now extremely rare and valuable. This Blue Sapphire belongs to the family of minerals corundum. Due to the presence of iron, the color blue is imparted to the stone. Out of all the blue-colored gemstones, the Neelam (Blue Sapphire) is considered to be the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone. One should recommend an astrologer before wearing this powerful gemstone.

Who should wear this stone?


The Blue Sapphire stone is worn by the people who are facing troubles with the planetary position of Saturn. Saturn being a Karmic planet has the strongest potential of making or breaking a person’s growth. The Saturn planet is ruled by the God Shani Dev and is said to be very powerful and short-tempered. This stone is worn by the people who are going through the phase of Sade Sati or the life cycle of Saturn. The stone helps in seeking the blessings of the divine God and therefore removes every sort of obstacle from the person’s life. The blue sapphire or Neelam stone should be worn under the careful observation of an Astrologer and should be free from any sort of erroneous structure. 

History of the Blue Sapphire


The history of the blue sapphire on the medium stone is very interesting and dates back to the time of the Roman empire. This stone was worn by the people of the Elite class (clergy) and was considered to protect the person from the evil eye, and other forms of negative energy. The stone I was also taught to see the blessings of the almighty. In India also, the importance of the Neelam stone is not unknown. In Vedic astrology, the stone is said to have so many benefits.

Benefits of wearing Neelam stone


Considered immensely attractive, the Blue Sapphire has many benefits, and the wearer thus starts to feel positive, and energetic.


  • It is one of the oldest and the most powerful gemstones. The effect of this stone is visible soon after wearing it.

  • The stone seeks the blessings of Lord Shani Dev, thereby alleviating the malefic effects of various planets.

  • Any hindrance in the path of the success of the person is removed by the stone.

  • The person witnesses an immense amount of positive energy, and thereby attracts more positive energy. He/she becomes the epitome of positive vibes.

  • There are various physical, and mental ailments that the Blue Sapphire helps in treating. Neelam stone is known to have positive effects on people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other issues. 


Thus, we can say that the Blue Sapphire stone, though comes with wearing vigilance, is extremely beneficial for the right person. It will not only bring in fame, and a name but also makes the person healthier, and wiser. 




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