Cat’s eye gemstone is a semi-precious gemstone from the Chrysoberyl mineral family. According to Indian astrology, Cat’s eye gemstone has many astrological benefits. Due to its popularity all over the world, this gemstone is mainly used for jewelry purposes. Cat’s eye is often called Lehsunia stone in India. As we all know there are many types of precious gemstones such as Emerald, Ruby, Panna, and Blue Sapphire. But the price of these precious gemstones is too high. That’s why these gemstones are quite less popular in India. If we are talking about foreign countries such as Australia, Uk, the USA, and Canada then these precious gemstones are quite popular. Cat’s eye or Lehsunia stones are mainly used for Health and wealth as it is considered as the best gemstone for prosperity and success. If you are facing any career issue or any issue related to your health then this gemstone can bring success and happiness to your life. 

                    According to astrology, this gemstone has many astrological benefits. There are different varieties of this gemstone available in the market such as gray-black, honey, and yellowish-green. But there is one thing that makes it different from all other types of stones. When you buy Cat’s eye gemstone from a trusted store then you will get to know more about its appearance. A white light passes from the mid of the gemstones that seem like a thread in a gemstone. It defines the quality of the Real Cat’s eye gemstones. People use this to find a Pure or best quality Lehsunia gemstone. If you have a cat’s eye stone that has no spots and blemishes and also that is less in color then those gemstones are considered to be high in quality. This gemstone is the most powerful stone on the earth.

These cat’s eye gemstones are mainly found in Brazil, China, South India, Ceylon. The full name of this gemstone is known as Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl. The word “Chrysoberyl” is derived from the Greek word “Beryl” which means green and Chryso means golden.  Before wearing this stone one should have proper knowledge of astrology and should have a brief idea about its pros and cons. If you do not have enough knowledge of Indian astrology then you just need to hire a good astrologer. However, there are some brands that also provide free gemstone recommendations such as Navratan, etc. When you get an astrologer then you can ask him about the gemstone you need to wear for your success and prosperity in your life. By checking the place of Ketu in your birth chart he will recommend you a better suggestion. If the place of Ketu in your horoscope is in the positive house then this gemstone will bring you to the way of success. If you have a weaker place of Ketu in your horoscope then you just need to follow some steps suggested by the astrologer in order to improve the place of Ketu in your birth chart. you can also ask him for the process or the steps you need to follow at the time of wearing the stone. You can also ask about the metal or the carat weight you need to wear. However, gold and silver are considered the best metal for a cat’s eye gemstones. The total carat weight of the stones should be 1/10 of the overall body weight of the human body. If you have a 50 kg weight then you need to wear a 5-carat cat’s eye stone for the best astrological benefits. 

Due to its relation with the Ketu planet, this gemstone is often called Ketu Gemstone and Ketu Ratan. Ketu is considered the strongest planet in the universe and that’s why this gemstone is considered a powerful and valuable gemstone. This gemstone has different names in different regions of the country. More often this gemstone is known as Chrysoberyl and Vaidurya. In India, this gemstone is more commonly known as Sutra Mani. It has different names such as Ketu-Ratna, Ketu’s Gem, and Sutra-Mani. The gemstone is believed to have intense planetary energies, and this gemstone works too quickly. In other words, we can say it gives the benefits too fast. As it shows the result too fast this gemstone is too popular in India. By wearing this stone one can get several astrological benefits in less time. 

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