Coral Gemstone or Moonga stone is a red-colored precious gemstone that is formed in the deep sea by coral polyps. It is a pure organic gemstone that is further processed to the chemical process that enhances the color of this gemstone. This Moonga stone is one of the most popular Gemstones for its amazing astrological benefits. This popular gemstone is worn to get success in career, business, and health. To get the maximum benefits from this gemstone one should consult an astrologer. Coral gemstone or Red coral stone is ruled by the planet Mars. In Hindi, Mars is referred to as the Mangal Grah. Everyone knows about the negative impacts of Mars on human life. To reduce the effects of Mars planet this coral gemstone is recommended by astrologers. If you wear this stone without consulting an astrologer then it can be harmful to your life. Before wearing this stone you must need an astrologer to get the benefits from that gemstone. Because Mars is placed in the negative house then this gemstone will improve the weaker placed Mars to the positive house that will help you to reduce the negative impacts of this planet. If the placement of Mars is in the positive house then you won’t need any type of recommendation from anyone. You can wear this gemstone without consulting an astrologer. you just need to ask for the carat weight and the color of the gemstone.

Now the thing is who should wear this stone. Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) Rashi is the best zodiac sign for this gemstone. If you have these zodiac signs then you don’t need to hire an astrologer. Just Buy Coral stone online from one of the trusted gemstone stores such as Navratan – The Online Gem Bazar. Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer & Leo also can wear this stone but in this case, we will need an astrologer. For Aries, it is considered as the birthstone. This red coral gemstone is known by different names such as ‘Marjaan’, ‘Sinduja’, ‘Maheya’, ‘Vidrum’, ‘Praval Ratna’, ‘Musaragalva’, ‘Lata Mani’, ‘Mangalmani’ etc. Wearing this stone can improve the Mangal Dasha of the wearer.

How to wear Moonga Stone:

Each gemstone is related to its corresponding planet and to get the maximum benefits from that planet we need to wear the stone according to Vedic astrology. Different gemstones are worn on different days and times. If you are planning to wear a Coral gemstone then you should hire an astrologer because he can tell you the perfect way to wear that stone. When it comes to the carat weight then we need to wear a stone of 1/10th of the total body weight. If you are weighing 50 then you need to wear a gemstone of 5 carats weight. For the best results, the bright red-colored coral gemstone is recommended by the astrologer. While an orange-colored red coral gemstone also works fine too. Due to its bright red color, it is one of the most popular gemstones used for jewelry. It gives an epic look to the wearer with the outfit. For this gemstone silver and gold, metal is ideal but you can wear this gemstone with Panchdhaatu, platinum, or white gold. According to an Indian astrologer, when you wear this stone on the ring finger of your working hand then it will give the best astrological benefits. As ruled by Mars planet or Mangal Grah this gemstone is worn on Tuesday in the morning. While wearing this stone repeat Om Ang Angarkay Nemaha, ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः 108 times.


Benefits of Red Coral:
  • It improves the Leadership quality of the wearer. It brings Success in Team Management, Administrative, Leadership Roles.
  • This gemstone is highly recommended for those who are working in Army, Police, Sports, or other professions in which high mental and physical stamina is required.
  • According to Vedic astrology, Mars planet is also recognized as “Bhoomi Karaka”. Thus if you are working in any type of real estate, interior decoration, mining, oil exploration business then this stone can be a lucky stone for you.
  • This stone also has different health benefits thus this gemstone has the ability to restore digestive, circulatory, and psychological health.

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