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The gemstone of Saturn is widely termed as blue Sapphire, it’s generally called Neelam Ratna also. Persons wear this gem to reduce the adverse effects of the planet Saturn which is one of the strongest heavenly bodies in the universe. To those persons who are blessed with a strong Saturn, aka Shani, in their house of horoscope, get rendered with immense benefits such as robust intellectual capabilities and enhanced confidence that affiliates those in attaining victory in life. 

             Individuals who are offended by the galaxy’s negative effects face huge challenges and dangers in their life. Such people are usually doubtful and dishonest in their living. These Saturn-affected persons usually have many obstacles in their personal life. The evil eye effect of Saturn is called Sade Sati Dasha, it hinders them from achieving any sort of achievements in their personal and professional life. In such a tough scenario, healing crystals come to your rescue. 

What occurs when wearing Neelam stone?

Blue Sapphire gemstone is renowned for moving fastness and delivering out ones substantially faster than planned. Most people acclaimed that wearing this gemstone enhances their energy level tremendously. Neelam immediacy will be mainly because of the notion that it would be the fastest and powerful of the nine auspicious gemstones i.e., Precious Navratnas on the gem tree. Among all these navratnas, blue sapphire or Neelam is one of the fastest-acting gemstones out there. It is best known for countering the ill effects of the malefic planet Shani and healing the owner during the tough phase of Sade Sati Dasha. 

How did you come to know that Neelam is functioning?

When you seem sturdy or positive in your living and in your ambiance, then it is an indication that bluish sapphire is a perfect fit for you and is working. It diligently strives with your mooladhara chakra and you may obtain anything incredibly valuable in terms of name, fame, cash, or even any inspiring news. This sort of happenings, in a very short pace of time, specify that you have started to reap the potential benefits of this precious gemstone. While on the other hand, if you get to experience any negative occurrences in your surrounding to a higher extent, then maybe the stone is functioning negatively. In such a case, you should immediately consult an expert astrologer. 

Blue Sapphire role in spirituality 

Sapphire is generally associated with grandeur. It is thought to inspire fortune, happiness, and rewards. It is often used in shielding off negativity, jinx, and hex. It is also known for relaxing the mind, promoting perception, and bringing on spiritual enlightenment in one’s lifestyle. 

Is blue Sapphire healthy?

When Saturn governs the first, second, fifth, ninth, or tenth residence in your zodiac graph, blue sapphire acts as an ideal solution. While your desirable planets are overwhelmed by the sun, Rahu, Ketu, or Mars, wearing Neelam will certainly assist you to persist in the happy moments. Financial or emotional distress could indeed be confronted with the help of this mystical blue gem. 

The healing powerS of A NATURAL blue Sapphire gemstone

  • Natural Blue Sapphire aids the endocrine system in particular and can tend to anxiously pacify cellular functions as required.

  • These gemstones have remarkable therapeutic benefits on the chakra system and they’re extremely helpful for thyroid disorders.

  • Real Neelam Stones are believed to assist in occult wellness and are also considered effectively serviceable in excessive bleeding.

  • These beautiful bluish-colored gemstones may assist in diseases that affect the brain, like dyslexia. They do have psychic energy that would support psychological therapies and acquiring knowledge. 

  • Blue sapphire offers comforting energy that produces tranquil sensations, delivering mental peace, and alleviating stress, and strain to comfort the owner. 

  • In their natural and purest form, these gems have a positive effect on depression and is believed to be efficacious in the management of mental disorders.

  • These were exquisite stones for psychic healers used to emphasize when facilitating a client with a fundamental problem.

  • Blue sapphire gems are considered to be beneficial to persons who were associated with mental problems that cause issues in a relationship.

  • On the health ground, Neelam gemstone helps in better digestion and assists in the prevention of stomach ailments.


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