The natural yellow sapphire is a gemstone of the corundum family. It is available in yellow, gold and orange colors. Amongst all, the lemon yellow color is considered to be of the highest quality. Yellow sapphire is composed of iron and titanium. The exquisite yellow sapphires are not only beautiful but also very affordable. The prime origin of these stones is Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The yellow Sapphire stones​ or The Pukhraj stones​ obtained from Sri Lanka are considered to be of supreme quality.


Sapphires with little inclusions that are very small but not sufficient to seriously affect the appearance of the sapphire are considered pure. The stone reflects a good amount of light. 

Who Should Wear a Pukhraj Stone?

The real Pukhraj stone is the representative stone of the planet Guru (Jupiter). The best zodiac signs who should wear a yellow sapphire stone are Pisces and Sagittarius. If a person has a weak guru in his/her natal chart, he/she should consider wearing yellow sapphires to overcome obstacles created by a misplaced Jupiter planet. The stone plays a very important role in a person’s life and helps to improve the person’s career and personal life.

Negative Effects of Jupiter

The planet Jupiter is responsible for a large number of functions, happiness, and fortune. However, a wrongly placed Jupiter can have serious outcomes and can affect the person negatively. Below are the negative impacts of a wrongly placed Jupiter in the birth chart of the person-

  • Delayed marriage

  • Mood swings, no firm single personality

  • The person becomes submissive and pessimistic 

  • The person faces relentless unhappiness and suffers from depression.

  • The love life or marital life of the person is not satisfactory and the person may end up getting divorced

Remarkable Healing Properties of Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone

When there is a weak Jupiter in a person’s horoscope, he/she is suggested to wear a certified Yellow Sapphire stone to overcome the troubles caused by the wrongly placed Guru. Below are the healing properties of an authentic yellow sapphire stone.


  • Wealth and Prosperity- The Yellow Sapphire stone draws in wealth and provokes prosperity to the home. The wearer of this stone is always happy financially and professionally.

  • Wiser and Mental Health- The stone also boosts intelligence and improves the overall concentration of the person while increasing wisdom. The wearer of this stone is smart and recognized by everyone. The stone also helps the person in getting rid of various types of mental health disorders.

  • Old Ambitions- The Yellow sapphire helps the native in realizing his/her ambitions. The person starts to focus well on his work and gets acknowledged by his seniors 

  • Health- The Natural Pukhraj Stone helps in discarding impurities from the body and energizes the lymphatic system and the circulatory system of the person, thereby reducing the risk of circulation-related disorder.



Happy Love Life- The Yellow Sapphire stone helps in overcoming the barriers in marriage and blesses the wearer with a happy and harmonious married life.


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