Cats eye gemstone comes from the mineral family Chrysoberyl that is Beryllium Aluminate by its origin. This gemstone from the Chrysoberyl family is one of the powerful gemstones. Cat’s eye gemstone is also known as Lahsuniya, Vaidooryam, Vaiduryam in Hindi. Cymophane is the scientific name of a cats eye gemstone. It is an Immaculate yellow chatoyant mineral. The word “Chrysoberyl” comes from two different Greek words “Chryso” which means yellow and “Beryl” which means green.  The whole word defines the nature and color of this gemstone. This gemstone is also used for jewelry purposes. Cat’s eye is a precious gemstone from the series of Navratna’s.

The complete word Chrysoberyl simply indicates a green-colored Beryl mineral. It is also one of the popular gemstones in the world. It has a unique feature called Chatoyancy. According to this feature of cats eye gemstone, it shows a green light across the gemstone. This unique feature of this gemstone makes it different from other gemstones. This phenomenon is also referred to as the Milk and Honey effect. Did you hear about the milk and honey effect? According to this effect, a sharp milky ray moves through a honey-colored background. We have a few facts about Cats eye gemstone (lehsunia stone) that will give you a brief idea about this gemstone. If you are looking for the benefits of this gemstone then read this article till the end. A few of the facts of this gemstone are as follows:

1. It belongs to the Chrysoberyl mineral family.

2. It is considered the birthstone of June month.

3. This gemstone represents the Ketu planet of the universe. That’s why Cat’s eye gemstone is also called Ketu Gemstone.

4. The chemical composition for this gemstone is Beryllium Aluminum Oxide (Al2(BeO4).

5. It has a hardness of *.5 Moh scale.

6. It has a specific gravity of 3.5 – 3.84.

7. This gemstone is mainly used with silver jewelry.

8. It is mainly found in Greenish Black, Lemon Yellow, Bright Yellow, Pale Yellow, Brownish Yellow, Raspberry Red color.

9. The origins of this gemstone are India, Tanzania, Brazil, East Africa, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

10. This gemstone is associated with the Zodiac sign – Capricorn, Taurus, Aries.

What are the Benefits of Cats eye gemstone: 

1. The strength of this gemstone comes from The planet Ketu which controls this precious gemstone.

2. It brings good wealth and happiness to the wearer’s life.

3. If you are planning to buy Cats eye gemstone online then you must consult a good astrologer. They will give you a brief idea about this gemstone and will give you a perfect gemstone according to your zodiac sign and the position of the Ketu planet in your horoscope.

4. It has a magical power to protect the wearer from the evil spirits

and envy of other bodies.

5. This cat’s eye gemstone gives self-control and discipline to its wearer.

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