cat's eye gemstones


Cat’s eye or Lehsunia Gemstone is a semi-precious stone from the Chrysoberyl mineral family. The cats eye gemstones are found in different shades such as gray, black, honey, and yellowish-green. The name of this gemstone is inspired by the eye of the cat. According to Indian Astrology, this cat’s eye Chrysoberyl gemstone is also known as Lahsuniya, Vaidooryam, and Vaiduryam in Hindi. This gemstone should only be worn if it is recommended by an astrologer after a deep study of your horoscope. Because it can be dangerous for a human as we know that each gemstone has malefic and benefic effects on the human body. Before wearing this stone one should ask an astrologer about the benefits and the procedure of wearing this gemstone. In Indian astrology, These Rahu and Ketu planets are believed to have a negative influence on human life. if the placement of these two planets is in the negative house of the horoscope then it will show the negative influence on the wearer. If the placement of Ketu is in the positive house then it will show the positive changes in the wearer’s life. If you are facing these issues then you must wear this cat’s eye gemstone. By wearing this stone you can improve the placement of Ketu in your horoscope. Often Ketu is called the dragon’s tail. This Ketu planet has both negative and positive influences. To boost the benefits of the Ketu planet one should wear this stone according to Indian astrology. 

cat's eye gemstones

One of the important goals of astrology and gem therapy is to improve the career of the native person to bring social respect and financial stability. Each of the nine planets is believed to have its own impacts on the business and career and if we talk about the malefic impacts of these gemstones then it can bring many problems and obstacles for the person who wears this gemstone. Cat’s eye or Lehsunia stone is the gemstone from the planet Ketu. It can overcome the negative effects of weaker placed Ketu in the individual’s Horoscope. All the gemstones are linked to their respective planet for the purpose of combating the problem in career and business. Cat’s eye or Lehsunia stone is the gemstone of the Chrysoberyl mineral family which is characterized by its strong eye and luster resembling a cat. To understand the benefits of Cat’s eye stone, we will have to study the influences of the planet Ketu. Below, We have shared some of the benefits of a cat’s eye gemstone for a native’s life. 

cat's eye gemstones


  • The cat’s eye gemstone brings negative and positive results in the life of the wearer depending upon the placement of Ketu in the horoscope. By wearing this stone you can improve the place of Ketu in your Horoscope. That’s why this cat’s eye gemstone is more popular in India compared to any other gemstone.

  •  If the Ketu is in the positive house in the horoscope then it can bring spiritual enlightenment, good fortune, and intuitive powers.

  • If we talk about the malefic impacts of Ketu then it can bring scandals, court cases, punishment by the government, and a bad reputation.

  • It can cause a sudden closure of the business and wasteful travel. You must wear this cat’s eye gemstone to counter the ill effects of planet Ketu. This cat’s eye gemstone has the power to restart a closed business.  

  • The cat’s eye gemstone has an array of benefits for the native’s life. If the gemstone suits the wearer then it can bring wisdom, insight, and a strong perception in the native, Which can boost your business instantly. 

  • It improves the self-confidence of the wearer. Hence the person who wears this stone can work more efficiently. 

  • Cat’s eye gemstone can be a lucky charm for you. Usually, it works for gamblers, horse racing, and stock trading. In other words, we can say this gemstone is made for the risk-taker.

  • It can be beneficial for actors, film producers, musicians, dancers, writers, and poets. 

  • This gemstone is highly recommended for those who are related to architects, scientists, painters, politicians, judges, and pharmacists. If you work in an industry related to liquid commodities, chemicals, medicines, computers, and electrical goods then you can get more benefits from this gemstone. 

cat's eye gemstones

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