Humans are the biggest mystery of this planet and maybe the second biggest is gems. The curious minds of human beings have always found gemstones as a center of attraction due to a number of reasons. From eye-catching looks and unique physical properties to eccentric origins and extraordinary mystical powers, these small pieces of gems have managed to keep on grabbing our attention for centuries. They receive global praise and recognition owing to the appealing charm and transcendental properties.

Besides being a stunning jewelry piece, these gemstones are considered highly beneficial for the wearer on the astrological ground and hence are widely sold throughout the world. However, gemstones, especially precious ones, are not within reach of everyone. Because of the high costs, purchasing gemstones sometimes turn out to be a little hard deal to a certain extent. Nevertheless, it does not imply that an ordinary individual can not avail of the healing and worthy benefits of these costly gemstones.

What is an Upratna or semi-precious gemstone..?

There are gemstones that possess similar powers as their series of precious gemstones do. They are known by the name of ‘Upratnas’ or substitute gemstones. In such a case, one can easily opt for a substitute of a precious gemstone. They are comparatively economical as well as affordable. These super alternative gemstones or Upratnas are Semi-Precious stones, which are considered as a superior substitute to the famous Navratna range (The nine auspicious Gemstones).

Does an Upratna or a gemstone substitute really work..?

Now the main question arises, are these Gemstone substitutes really beneficial..? Do these super alternative gemstones work astrologically?

It is verified by expert astrologers worldwide that, providing to some factors, the substitute of a precious gemstone holds similar favorable properties to its wearers as of the main gemstone.

Although both precious and semi-precious resemble vastly, yet the benefiting properties of the semi-precious substitute are quite less in comparison to the main gemstone. Another determining factor is the weight of the substitute gemstone. It is usually said that the weight of such an alternative gemstone needs to be far more than the weight of its main gemstone otherwise it won’t endorse that much benefits to the wearer. Some of the gemstones and their substitutes are mentioned as follows:-

Blue Sapphire Substitutes

Blue sapphire is one of the most precious gemstones around the globe. After diamonds, it is considered as the king of the gemstones arena. Due to the transcendental properties and captivating looks, this treasured gem piece is counted amongst the highest desired gemstones. However, owing to its origin, it can cost you very high and can effortlessly drill a hole in your pocket. The widely accessed substitutes of Blue Sapphire in the market are Amethyst, Blue Topaz, and Blue Spinel.

Amethyst is considered as a natural tranquilizer. In addition to treating acne and nausea, it provides relief in breast pain and abdominal bloating. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, dispels anger, balances mood swings, relieves stress, and soothes irritability, fear, and anxiety.

Amethyst Gemstone

Blue topaz gemstone symbolizes love, loyalty, emotions, and morality. It carries honesty and clarity of feelings to the wearer. Gifting topaz signifies a strong appreciation for a committed romantic relationship or a loyal friendship.

Blue Spinel, though, is known for healing the body as a whole but is mostly beneficial for eyes, throat, and gum disorders. It improves stamina and enhances the memory of the wearer.

Yellow Sapphire Substitutes

Another precious and the highest-selling colored gemstone; yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is highly prized all over the world because of its beautiful combination of golden and orange color. The charismatic lemonish-yellow shade makes the cost of this gemstone quite high. It is measured as a twin of blue sapphire and ruby gemstone. The two main Yellow Sapphire Substitutes are Citrine and Yellow Topaz. They not only have similar looks but also possess similar benefiting properties. Moreover, both these alternatives are far more affordable than yellow sapphire.

Citrine is a French word, named after lemon. It is a transparent pale yellow to an almost golden honey-colored gemstone. By strengthening self-confidence, Citrine brings a positive flow of vibrant energy in and around the wearer. Also known as the merchant’s stone, it helps in improving the digestion system and strengthening psychic endurance.

Citrine Gemstone

Yellow Topaz is a semi-precious stone of the topaz mineral family that holds a high place in Indian Vedic astrology. It is worn in the index finger of the working hand in order to improve financial position, sustain good health, and desirable opportunities in career.

Emerald Substitutes

Emerald is a light green to a rich greenish-blue precious gemstone. It is a highly desired piece of gemstone among gem lovers around the globe. At times, the top fine quality of Emeralds ranges far more than diamonds. This variant of the Beryl mineral is a high-strength gemstone that carries a Mohs scale hardness of 7.5-8. However, emeralds are not affordable for everyone. So, there are a few substitutes of this precious gemstone that deliver the same sort of mystical powers to the wearer.

Emerald Gemstone

Peridot and Green Tourmaline are one of such gemstones. They look almost similar and possess the same benefits as an emerald. Peridot is a magnesium-rich silicate gem of the Olivine mineral family.

Ruby Substitutes

Ruby is among one of the most beautiful gem pieces worldwide. At the same time, it is one of the most rare and expensive ones. This member of the corundum mineral family holds stunning pink to blood-red hue. According to Indian Vedic astrology, Ruby harnesses the positivity of the planet Sun. Sometimes, this precious gemstone gets out of the budget of lay buyers. Henceforth, those who cannot afford it can go for its substitutes. The best-known alternatives of the ruby gem are red tourmaline, red garnet, and red spinel.

Red garnet is known as a stone of love and commitment. It revitalizes the emotional state, brings warmth, and enhances the sexuality of the wearer. Garnet, being the birthstone of January month, occurs in a variety of shades like red, green, yellow, and orange. It is helpful in controlling anger and leading a normal life. Red Garnet brings trust, devotion, honesty, sincerity, and understanding into a relationship.

Red Garnet

There are several other semi-precious gemstones that are considered as a better substitute for their precious gemstones. For instance, Opal, when worn in silver, sometimes works better than the diamond.

Opal Gemstone

Carnelian, Red Onex, and Red Agate are known for holding similar looks and powers as a Red Coral gemstone does. Red Coral is one of those few precious gemstones which are derived from the deep seawater instead of the crust of the earth.

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