Today, Engagement Rings are very personalized and are continually utilized to bring a couple’s own remarkable story likened to a traditional off-the-rack ring. This fact has led to the heap of colored gems being utilized as engagement rings in the position of the traditional diamond rings since each different crystal has special significance to the gemstone owner. One of the most famous options today which is trending is ruby engagement rings. Rubies are best regarded as July’s birthstone and it is recognized as the symbol of passion, creating them an ideal option for an engagement ring. 

When it comes to the quality of the ruby gemstone then there are 4 main factors that play a huge role in determining the overall quality of the ruby stone. Our ruby gemstone guide specifically speaks about the different ruby gemstone qualities and also tells you how you can choose the best one. Even in this modern time, there are several partners that still want a traditional look often go for a ruby stone and diamond engagement ring. Today, there are numerous types of engagement rings that are popular surrounded by diamond and ruby stones. Engagement rings with a ruby as the center stone and diamond gemstones as the surrounding stones give a stunning look to the wearer. This presents a striking and more classic look with the diamond but is personalized for the modern partners.

Trending Ruby Engagement Rings 

There are numerous types of Ruby Engagement Rings available in the market. But out of all this, below we have shared some sort of Ruby Engagement Rings which are popular for their striking color and design.

1) Solitaire Ruby Rings

Rings are popular due to their unique and amazing design. The Solitaire design is one of the oldest and most classic design options for engagement rings. Solitaire Design is mainly used to show off the center gemstone exclusively and is an ideal option for the partners that desire to invest in a great quality ruby. 

While Rubies with round-cut are one of the traditional choices for the people who are born in march month. A lot of partners choose a differently cut ruby gemstone that lends a phase of personalization to the traditional solitaire design.

2) Halo Ruby Engagement Rings

Second and one of the trending ring designs is “The Halo Ruby Engagement design“. it mainly features a ruby as a center stone that would be surrounded by one or more “halos” of diamond gemstones. This stunning design utilizes diamond gemstones as supporting gemstones to offer a more royal look to the center gemstone. Some truly stunning designs are halo ruby engagement rings, and these are a great design option for the partners inquisitive about having diamonds in their engagement ring.

3) Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings

Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings are considered to be the best-selling ruby engagement rings. The designs of these engagement rings are inspired by the Victorian and Art Deco eras, featuring intricate filigree work on the bands. These designs are timeless and beautiful when it comes to the making process. 

4) Bridal Set Ruby Engagement Rings

Rather than buying the wedding band freed of the ruby engagement rings, ruby gemstone bridal collections are matching ruby engagement rings and wedding bands made with each other in mind. While the engagement ring and marriage bands can be used independently, when it is worn together, they provide a very regal and impressive look since both fit correctly with each other.

5) 3-Stone Ruby Engagement Rings

3-Stone Ruby Engagement Rings usually have a Ruby as the center stone, with either diamond gemstone or the couple’s birthstones as the other 2 gemstones. This is an amazing & versatile method to personalize the engagement ring to specifically state the couple’s unique story.

Buy Certified Ruby Engagement Rings Online

Ruby gemstone ring surrounded with diamond is one of the best designs and has an amazing appearance. When it comes to shopping for all these types of rings it is better to know which are the platforms that offer real and original quality ruby rings. You can also read more from Navratan gems for the widest range of certified Ruby gemstones.

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