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If you have a deep interest in astrology, you probably know the use of gemstones is quite significant. Even according to Western astrology and many crystal healers, gemstones play incredible roles​ in making the lives of people better. These gemstones are also supposed to heal various underlying issues related to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the person. If you are also looking for gemstones, you can now also buy gemstones online from a reliable gemstone dealer. 


According to Vedic astrology, a person’s life is highly influenced by the planetary positions of the different planets. These planetary positions are mentioned in the horoscope of the person which is read by an Astrologer. There are nine planets in the horoscope of the person which affect the person’s life drastically. For every planet that is a corresponding gemstone that is worn to overcome the auspicious position of the planet.


These planets are called Navgraha and the corresponding gemstones are called the Navratan family. One of the powerful gemstones of the Navratan family is the natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone which belongs to the mineral corundum family. The Ruling Planet of the yellow sapphire stone is Jupiter which is the biggest and the strongest planet. This stone is worn to overcome the harmful effects caused due to the wrong planetary position of Jupiter or Guru.

Properties of The Yellow Sapphire Stone

  • Color- The real Yellow Sapphire Stone is found in different shades of yellow color, ranging from pastel yellow to lemony yellow color. For astrological purposes, vibrant canary yellow should be chosen. The deeper the color, the more is the value of the gemstone. The unique color of the gemstone is due to the presence of iron.

  • Clarity- The original Yellow Sapphire Stone is crystal-clear with very few inclusions. It is very important to get the gemstone that is certified and is tested by the gemologists.

  • Cut- cut-off off of the yellow sapphire stone is very important to consider as a bad cut can render the stone useless. The faceted cuts are considered the best for a Yellow Sapphire Stone.

  • Carat- This factor varies and depends upon the requirements of the individuals​. However, the carat weight and cutting of the Yellow Sapphire Stone should be in a way that preserves the astrological value of the stone. 



The finest quality yellow sapphire stones are found in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Other places where this gemstone is also found are Myanmar, Australia, and Thailand

Other Names

Yellow sapphire stone has various names like Pukhraj Ratna, Pukhraj, Gururatna, Peetmani, Pushpraag, Pushparaag, Guruvallabh, Vachaspati Vallabh, Gurupriya, and Pitman

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Stone

The yellow sapphire stone has incredible benefits and is known to impart wisdom, strength, good health, and fortune to the wearers. This gemstone is also known to bring peace and happiness to the life of the native. Besides these, this incredible stone is known to rekindle love and compassion between couples. The person becomes clever and more intelligent after wearing this gemstone. The person also becomes healthier and fitter after wearing this wonderful gemstone.



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