Ruby Gemstone


Manik stone is a precious stone known to bring happiness in the native’s life. Ruby is a natural, deep pink, or blood red color gemstone of the corundum mineral family. The stone is believed to bring social status and prosperity in the life of the wearer but it is not that simple. You have to be careful while you are buying a gemstone online. In this generation buying a product online is too easy. technology has made our life too easy. You can shop for anything at midnight. You do not need to wait to open the shop. Just open your phone and place your order. When it comes to jewelry then gemstones play a huge role. Without gemstones, jewelry looks incomplete. You can’t wear the gemstone in any of the jewelry. You will also need to make sure of the metal. Like for ruby gemstone, the best-recommended metal is gold and silver but you can also wear the stone with any of the metal. Each gemstone has its own history. Every gemstone on the earth is related to a particular planet like a ruby with the sun. There is no guarantee that the ruby stone will work for everyone. You need to make sure about the position of the sun planet in your horoscope. It is also used as a remedy for the weaker placed sun planet. A person who is born in July can wear the ruby stone to bring success, prosperity, and happiness to the life of an individual.  

Ruby stone is identified as the king of gemstones and that’s the reason it is known as Ratna Raj. With good strength, it is considered as the birthstone of July month. When your sun is in the negative house then you are suggested to wear a ruby stone. While you are wearing a ruby stone you should know the Vedic procedure of wearing a Manik stone. For that, you can consult an astrologer. If you are not able to right one then there are multiple websites that offer the free gemstone recommendation. If you are interested in the free recommendation then you just need to pay a small amount to the website and they will provide you with a great reference. To get the benefits from the sun you will need to wear a ruby stone. It is the only way by which you can protect yourself from the evil effects of the sun planet. According to Vedic astrology, The stone is best suggested to the Leo sun sign. Moreover, the ruby stone is considered the birthstone for the Leo sun sign. In India, the stone is popular with different names such as Manik in Hindi and Chunni in Bengali. Association with the planet sun gives it more power than helps the wearer to fight against the problems in life. The stone is believed to improve the career, health, temperament, and social status of natives and related ascendants. Here, we are going to discuss the procedure of wearing the ruby stone. The stone is more popular for its amazing astrological benefits that can bring a person to a great level of success. 

Process of wearing a ruby stone: 


Ruby Gemstone

When we plan to wear a ruby stone then there are some points that play a huge role in Vedic astrology such as color, weight, and time. Here we are going to share a brief about the color and the time to wear the stone. When it comes to the carat weight of the stone then there are many facts for the stone. Some say you need to wear a stone of at least 3-carat weight. According to Indian Vedic astrology, It depends on the bodyweight of the wearer. The weight of the stone should be 1/12th of the total body of the wearer. Suppose if you are having 40kg weight then you are recommended to wear a stone of 3 carats. Ruby stone is best suggested to wear with gold. In the absence of gold, you can use silver and Panchdhatu. For best results in life, you must visit an astrologer. Always wear a ruby stone on the ring finger of the working hand. The best time to wear a ruby stone is Sunday morning. 

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Ruby Gemstone

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