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Jasper gemstone is an opaque and dense microcrystalline type of mineral from the Quartz mineral family. The grainy and fibrous types of Quartz minerals are usually grouped together and are remembered as Chalcedony. Although the microcrystals of Jasper stone are laid out in greater, sugar-like cereals instead of the fibrous layers of Agate stone or Chalcedony.


Jasper appears as fillings in cracks or nodules. It can be seen across the world, in almost every hue. This crystal is embellished by the oxides of iron. Its most popular shade is the deep earthy color shades of red. However, it can be discovered in brown and green, yellow, and even in hues of purple and blue. Some gemstones also display wonderful distinctions in their inclusions, bandings, and small circular patterns.


The Meaning and Uses of Jasper Stone


The name Jasper is derived from the Greek term “iaspis” which implies “agate”. Also, its name might be emanated from the Assyrian term “asphu” or the Hebrew word “jashpeh”.


Historically, the jasper stone can be delineated back to all antique civilizations and people. This stone was worn by clerics, shamans, and kings. It was thought to be a decisive defensive gemstone for both the spiritual empire and the physical world. This holy crystal was inscribed by the Egyptians with inscriptions and signs from the Book of the Dead. Jasper gemstones were also buried with the mummified remains for a safe ride in the afterlife.


The gem was also positively used in most cultures for engraving signet rings, cylinder seals as well as unique talismans which represent spiritual and astrological images. To the medieval earth, the Jasper gemstone was the “rain bringer” and is employed for dowsing.


In today’s world, jasper stone is used to acquire vitality and strength. It lends vigorous support and self-discipline. Not only that but this gemstone is also used for ceasing smoking or slicing down on bad habits. Then, it dismisses the destructive toxins that have accumulated in your system over time.        


Jasper Stone Metaphysical Properties


As a basic earth crystal, the frequency of jasper stone is constant and slow. It can be aligned with the electromagnetic powers of the Earth. This permits you to be more present in your physical body and more deliberate about nature and your surroundings. Not only that, but this gemstone can also enable you to celebrate moments of isolation in order to reflect, relate and absorb these energies. Then, it can ignite awareness of the spiritual association that you hold with all living things.


Dubbed as the Supreme Nurturer, the jasper gemstone is a perfect tool for strength and grounding. This crystal encourages security and comfort as well as rehab and strength. Its significance can balance your aura to a whole new level of peace and bring significance and pleasure to your life.

The Benefits of Jasper Stone


Jasper, aka Mahe Mariyam, is an incredibly miraculous stone. Below we have mentioned some of the general benefits of wearing a natural jasper stone in the form of jewelry or stone.


For Physical Healing


This gem is believed as highly beneficial for the deterioration of the tissue of your inner organs. It is helpful in the treatment of disorders of the spleen, stomach, liver, kidneys, and bladder. Not only that, but this gemstone can also assist in offsetting mineral content and regulating the supplies of sulfur, iron, manganese, and zinc in your body.


When used as a medicine or gem water, jasper stone is positively soothing for the digestive system. It is particularly useful as a gem elixir since it doesn’t over-stimulate your body. Jasper Stone is highly useful in stopping blood flow, especially in cases of nosebleeds. It is also thought that it assists in reducing hemorrhoids. The gemstone can relieve gout and epilepsy and it can even be used for the treatment of sensory loss of smell.


For Chakra Healing and Balancing


All jasper varieties can boost your root or base chakra in order to energize and help you to stabilize your physical body. Meanwhile, laying it over each chakra can censor, re-align and strengthen your aura and chakra. This aids in balancing the yang and yin energies. Not only that, but it will also align your mental, vibrant and physical bodies with the divine and etheric empire.


Bring note that due to the multifarious range of colors of this gemstone, it is ideal for body layouts. And the unique colors can be put for precise chakra healing.



Note:- In the world of astrology, not every gemstone is equally beneficial for one and all. Thus, one should visit an expert astrologist before wearing any supernatural crystal. So that he or she can guide you with your suitable stone on the basis of the planetary position of stars and planets in your birth chart. 

For Relationship and Love

You can also use the healing powers of Jasper to entice a relationship filled with happiness and love. This stone encourages perseverance and supporting energies to allow your relationship to work. When your relationship is undergoing challenging situations, this gemstone can release stress and negative beliefs. It replaces rage with understanding and empathy.


In terms of intimate sexual connections, this gemstone is also favorably supported. This is especially true for the red type of jasper stone that can improve libido and increase intimacy. It stimulates you to be adventurous and wild which should help spice up something.


The jasper gemstone is also expressed to inspire trust, honesty, and loyalty. It fills you with valuing energy, so you can be contented and satisfied with what you have. It will deliver peace, providing you the courage to accept the truth, especially if you need to end a connection. 


For Protection


Myths said that if you wore Jasper since childhood, it would protect you against ghosts and drowning. Also, those who gird their bodies with these gemstones are said to be saved from accidents.


Meanwhile, the shamans of Native American Indians thought of jasper stone as a hallowed stone of protection during magical rituals. It is said that jasper, particularly the yellow type, is believed to save and assist them during travels, both in the spiritual and biological world.


For Anxiety


Having or wearing a jasper gemstone is stated to relieve stress and anxious thought. Then, it will surround you with peaceful significances that should give you joy and pleasure.


The gemstone also contains a cleansing result that can clear negative energy from your surroundings. It also aids in stabilizing your aura and mind. This makes jasper a perfect rubbing or worries stone for soothing your nerves and increasing your focus to the present. Not only that, but this crystal is also excellent at deflecting harmful beliefs and harmful behaviors.

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