Ruby gemstone or Manik stone which is also referred to as the king of gemstones or Ratnaraj, is considered as one of the rarest and most valued stones in the world. The gemstone is believed to be the most powerful gem in the whole universe which holds an important place in Indian astrology. As we have seen in several mythological scriptures, the stone has amazing healing power due to its association with the planet Sun. Ruby gemstone is considered one of the most valuable gemstones created by God.

This stunning gemstone is considered one of the most precious and the rarest stone in all types of precious gemstones. This beautiful stone is popularly perceived as Ratna Raj Ratnayanka Padmaraga in the Sanskrit language. Due to its popularity in all over the different regions of the world and its rare and precious features, the Ruby gemstone is one of the most valuable and richest stones. In the field of astrology, the Ruby stone has grabbed an important place. Commonly ruby gemstone performs a vital role in the life of the wearer. Hence, the stone is known as the king of all the stones or RatnaRaj.

To acquire the entire exhibits of this amazing stone the wearer should ask with their gem experts or an expert astrologer who have a deep knowledge of gemology as per the Indian astrology. Before wearing the stone, make sure which stone will suit you to get the best results in life. If you are recommended to wear this stone then only you Should buy ruby gemstone from a reliable and trusted gemstone store at a very reasonable rate. 

When You Should Wear a Ruby Gemstone


To attain the best results in life, you should wear this gemstone on the ring finger of your right hand on Sunday early morning. Consequently, the ruby gemstones have various benefits of wearing Ruby stone which we have mentioned below:-

In order to get maximum benefits from the stone, if you wear it with a talisman set of gold, it will cause Amazing positive effects in your life. If you want to get the best result from this magical stone then your ruby gemstone should be genuine and very consistent in its color. This precious gemstone will help to keep you away from the evil eye or ill effects of malefic placed planet sun and also free from every kind of injury.

This mystical gemstone is popular with several names in Indian astrology just as Manik, Ruby, Ratnaraj Ratnanayaka, and Padma raga… this gemstone is believed to rule the planet’s sun in Vedic astrology. When it comes to the zodiac sign for the stone then it is the Leo sun sign. Hence, the stone is best recommended to the Leo Sunsign. To get the amazing healing benefits from the stone, you can wear the stone with several kinds of metals such as gold copper or Panchdhatu, etc. However, wearing a Ruby gemstone in a silver ring is considered ideal. Alternatively, you can wear the stone with gold, Panchdhatu, or any other metal.

The Beautiful Appearance of Ruby Gemstone or Manik Ratna

This elegant and bright stone is available in a variety of colors that ranges from dark pink to deep red color. Together with red, this stunning gemstone has a lovely tint of a pink and purple hue in it. Its color, shape, and texture are so attractive that an individual will be attracted easily once he or she will start wearing the stone. The color variety of ruby gemstone is because of the presence of chromium which provides a number of different colors to the stone. In other words, we can say, due to the presence of chromium which gives it a stunning sparkling color, natural dark pink and reddish tone that enhances the beauty of the stone.

This Ruby gemstone is quite expensive and most valuable then there are possibilities that the gemstone will have a pigeon red blood color and with a soft and gliding texture. This stone also holds a very fine cutting shape which looks definitely appealing. Ruby with the excess amount of inclusions is considered the best quality ruby gemstone. If you find inclusions in a ruby gemstone then that ruby gemstone is real. 

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