Manipur Violence: From Civil War To Sexual Violence

By the time this article is written, a lot of you must have seen the shocking and viral videos surfing on the internet where two Manipuri women were paraded around naked by a crowd. They were humiliated, molested, and one was even gang brutally raped by this mob. You might have seen a lot of human rights organizations, women’s welfare, and of course, our ‘unbiased media’ is asking for justice for Manipur. Actors and politicians are now talking about it.

The incident was highlighted recently, but to your surprise, it happened on 4th May 2023, almost two and a half months back. In the meantime, none seriously bothered to look into the matter, nor the police, the administration, the government, and neither us, as a society. As always, it is spoken about now by the media just because the video went viral and is unavoidable now. However, the worst part about the violence and civil war in this north-eastern state of India is that this naked parade and gang rape are just a small insight into Manipur’s multitude of problems.

What Is Happening In Manipur..?

There is a civil war-like situation going on in Manipur for more than 2 months because of tribal clashes between two tribes, i.e., the Maite tribe and the Koki tribe. Women and children have been killed, men have been beheaded, and around 200 churches and 17 temples have been destroyed. Even the government officials and ministers weren’t spared, their houses were also burned down. With around 150 deaths (only reported), the situation in Manipur today is so complex that you cannot really point out one single issue that caused this horrifying situation.

Manipur Women’s Protest: Highlights Growing Concerns Over Sexual Violence

Thousands of women took to the streets of Manipur on Tuesday to protest against sexual violence, highlighting the growing concerns over the issue in the state. The protest was organized by a coalition of women’s groups, including the Manipur Women’s Collective, the All Manipur Women’s Social Reformation and Development Association, and the Manipur Mothers’ Association.

The protesters marched through the streets of Imphal, the state capital, carrying placards and chanting slogans demanding justice for the victims of sexual violence.
Manipur Violence Updates: महिलाओं के वीडियो पर बवाल, देश में आक्रोश का माहौल | 2 Women Viral Video - YouTube

Source: Dainik Jagran

They also called for the government to take steps to prevent sexual violence and to punish the perpetrators of such crimes.

The protest comes after a series of high-profile cases of sexual violence in Manipur, including the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in January 2023. The incident sparked widespread outrage and protests across the state.


Manipur Violence News Today | Situation Remains Tense In Violence Hit Manipur | English News | Watch

Source: News18


Manipur Violence: From Pain To Power

The Manipur government has promised to take action against the perpetrators of the crime, but the protesters say that more needs to be done to address the issue of sexual violence in the state.

They say that the government needs to provide better support to victims of sexual violence, and that it needs to create a more safe and secure environment for women.

The protest is a sign of the growing anger and frustration of women in Manipur over the issue of sexual violence. It is a reminder that women are demanding change, and that they will not be silent until their voices are heard.


Manipur Violence | Security Personnels Deployed In Manipur After Fresh Violence | Manipur News Today - YouTube


What Caused Manipur Violence.?

Longstanding insurgency, drugs, unemployment, illegal migration from Myanmar, and giving tribal status to the Maites, have all collectively triggered this clash between the two communities. These long-running issues have boiled over the past few years and caused a tribal war-like situation in Manipur.

Now there is a desperate need for an interfaith and inter-ethnic dialogue in Manipur to defuse this situation, which has not been attempted by the central government as yet. We can only sit and discuss it, write about it, share social media videos, and pray and hope for the government to take some corrective measures and required action in Manipur.

Are We Alive..?

I don’t know who is right or wrong but I know we live in India, the largest democracy in the world. I know that Manipur is actually burning and innocent people are suffering to no end. This land of rich culture, traditions, scenic landscapes, delectable cuisines, vibrant dance forms, and mesmerizing music, does not deserve this, for sure.

It is about to complete 3 months of constant violence and war in Manipur. The question here is that, are we really alive..? Or just enjoying our daily stuff and lives sitting in AC offices and chilling with friends..? Why do we wake up for our social issues and justice only when things go absolutely out of our hands or something disturbs our social media scrolling…?

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