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The Ruby gemstone (Also known as Manik in Hindi ) is the most powerful, mystical, and valuable gemstone among the list of nine gemstones known as Navratna. These all the gemstones are associated with their respective stars and controlled by the astrological body or planet. It has a variety of light pink to deep red colors. The deep red color rubies are popular as Pigeon blood ruby. According to its origin, there are several varieties available in the market. Rubies are formed all over the world. 

                     There are few main sources of rubies that are Burma, Africa, and Asia. Rubies that come from Burma are called Burmese ruby. There are a few more varieties of rubies that are more popular on earth than Mozambique ruby, Thailand ruby, and Afghanistan ruby. Burmese ruby is considered the most valuable and richest variety of ruby gemstone. This ruby stone has been identified as a significant and influential gem from ancient Hindu times. For a long time, gemstones are used according to Vedic astrology to get the benefits of the gemstone. To get the blessings and the benefits from a planet one can wear the Manik Stone according to the horoscope or the birth chart. 


Today we are going to study in detail about this stone of the Sun, Ruby Gemstone, otherwise known as Manik Ratan


Manik Stone


Appearance Of Manik Stone or Manak Stone

The sparkling ruby stone can be obtained from pink and red, and can attract every person’s attention immediately. The chemical composition of the ruby gemstone is aluminum oxide with chromium (Al2O3:Cr). The presence of the chromium elements gives a dark pink or red color to the ruby gemstone. Smooth and gliding touch and a sharp cutting shape and the dark red color make them more popular all over the world and often called Pigeon blood ruby. Its amazing appearance makes it more popular and thus it has become the favorite choice for jewelry. 

Position of Ruby in The Horoscope: 

After a detailed study or examination of the horoscope of a person the gemstone is recommended in accordance with the overall planetary positions and their influences on the life of the concerned person. A good astrologer will let you know about the type and the weight of the ruby you need to wear. All of us are composed and enclosed in energy and this gives us a field of energy. It is a fact that the gemstones have the power to influence the energy fields and accordingly our every idea. If the position of the sun in your horoscope is in the 6, 8, and 12th house then you must wear a ruby gemstone as soon as possible. This would be the only solution to improve the placement of the sun and that only you will be able to get all the benefits of ruby in your life. If the placement of Rahu, Ketu, and Shani with the sun is weak then he/she should wear a Manik stone.

Sun as The Ruling Planet:

The ruby gemstone represents the power and influence of the planet’s sun. The sun is of the utmost importance in astrology and that’s why it is considered the father of the horoscope. It indicates courage, dignity, integrity, power, and authority. The sun is believed to be the soul of the individual. If the position of the Sun in the birth chart is positive then the ruby gemstone can change the whole life of the wearer in a positive way. If it is in a negative house then it can affect the whole life of the person who wears the stone. Thus a good astrologer is recommended for those who love to wear the ruby gemstone. 

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