Ruby, the gemstone of love, power, and passion, is not only praised for its stunning beauty and charm but also holds the greatest importance in the world of Vedic astrology. It is also known as the gemstone of fortitude. The mesmerizing beauty of a natural pigeon blood ruby makes it an evergreen desire between the gemstone lovers worldwide. Though, its association with the Sun makes it of equal importance among astrologers. Real Ruby Gemstone is ruled by the strongest planet of our universe, the sturdy Sun, which indeed is the main source of all real light and true intellect on earth.

               Sun, the ruler of the intellect, through its aligned gemstone Manik, becomes the protector and preserver of its wearer’s life. If you want the energy of the sun and hold that hunger for a happy life, Ruby is the gemstone for you. The Sun is seen as a symbol of masculinity, forthrightness, and independence. When placed correctly in the house of the horoscope of an individual, it blesses the native with regiment, illuminance, and purification. Natural Ruby is worn to place the Sun in the correct position in your birth chart. 

Western astrology science prescribes it the best for the people born in the month of July. According to Vedic science, the Sun, also regarded as Lord Surya, rides a chariot of the seven horses that represent the seven different colors and invisible rays of light. By holding the lotus of purity in three hands, the Lord Surya (Sun) grants fearlessness to its native with its fourth. Now when it comes to its related gemstone, Real Manik holds that position. In order to grab all the blessings, powers, and energies of this powerful planet, Natural Manik is popularly worn by people. 

               Fire and blood are the main elements of a real ruby gemstone. Among all the nine gemstones of the Navratna family, this is the stone which is not only known for its beauty but also for its cosmic powers. Natural Ruby has the ability to restore vital live resources and can improve one’s capabilities to live life with more zeal and positivity. As per Indian and Western astrology, it is believed that all those people who are wearing this birthstone of July month are free from all types of affliction and evil effects.

Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Stone

When we are talking about Ruby Stone Benefits, they are actually endless. Wearing of Natural Manik gem brings academic and professional success in the life of its wearer. With the positivity and energy of the Sun, a ruby bestows you with rejuvenated health and improved social and financial status. You get better paternal relationships by owning a real ruby gemstone. Study the detailed Astrological Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone.

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Astrologers suggest wearing of only a Real Manik to grab the best and the maximum results out of it. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you should always buy a certified Manik stone to ensure that you are getting the best of the quality. Though it is extremely essential and prudent too to consult an expert astrologer before you plan to purchase or wear any gemstone because these precious stones are not only expensive in terms of money but carry different results for different people depending upon the position of stars and planets in their house of horoscope. What may be lucky or favorable for you, may not be equally beneficial for your friend, partner, or sibling, and may even act as wretched for him or her. 

                Henceforth, you should always meet an experienced or learned astrologer along with your birth chart before you go to buy gemstones online. You can connect Navratangems for all your gemstone related requirements. Here you can explore a wide range of Certified Ruby Gemstones Online. At Navratan, you will get natural manik stone at the most reasonable price along with a certificate of authenticity for quality assurance. Moreover, you can avail of a worldwide shipping facility and a hassle-free easy return option. Shop Real Rubies Online and grab the power of the Sun. connect now with Navratangems, for the best deals.

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