Gemstones grab human attention for centuries. Emerald or Panna is one of such precious stones that has managed to maintain its high worth in the wide world of gemstones. After diamonds, it is one of the rarest and most highly valued gemstones available around the world. As today we have options to explore everything online, so as the gemstones. Today, we can also buy gemstones online. Emeralds are deliberated as the gem of romance and royalty. It is an extremely precious gem that naturally attains its various degrees of color during its regular growth process. Panna is considered as the birthstone of May month and is majorly presented as a traditional gift on the 55th milestone anniversary.

               Scientifically, Emerald belongs to the beryl mineral family that owing to the trace elements of chromium and vanadium contribute to its exceptionally renowned green hue. This light-medium to deep green colored stone is being valued after the number of natural inclusions it carries within. More than their clarity, Emerald is evaluated on the basis of their color. The more deep and vivid the green color an emerald holds, the higher its value. On the Mohs scale, emeralds rank 7.5 and unlike all other colored gemstones, it is comparatively much softer. Therefore, setting an emerald gemstone in a piece of jewelry requires high expertise.  Panna gemstone jewelry like emerald rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets are vulnerable to cracks and chips under high pressure or exposure to heat.

Explore the in-depth Meaning of Emerald gemstone in our previous blog. Let us study the world of precious emeralds in a little more detail.

Sourcing of Emeralds

Mining of Emeralds is an interesting process not only just to execute but also to witness. It is not found like a standalone rough, instead, it is typically attached with other rock formations. As giant tools and technical machinery can indulge heavy pressure on the rocks and bring a risk of breaking them apart, therefore, in general, Emeralds are often mined by hand. In general, rock mines are blasted into larger pieces and then emeralds are mined into pits. Those pieces may or may not have natural beryl emeralds in them. If found emerald, it is hauled away for removal and eventually for further manufacturing.

Fine quality Emerald gemstones are typically mined from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Zambia, and South Africa. A more vivid green color with comparatively fewer undertones and stunning luster is the USP of Ethiopian and Colombian emeralds. Till today, Colombia is the largest emerald producer in the world. It consists of around 45–95% of the total emerald production.

                Emeralds from the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan and the Swat region of Pakistan are not only rare but also renowned. These emeralds are immensely popular for their majestic clarity and distinctive rich green hue. Emerald roughs are also extracted from the various regions of Austria, China, Egypt, India, Mozambique, Russia, and the United States of America. Study in detail the Origins of Emeralds gemstone in our previous blog.

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