Benefits of Emerald (Panna) Gemstone
Emerald Gemstone


For centuries, Emerald, also known as Panna Ratan, has long been observed as a powerful Vedic astrological gemstone. As per ancient Hindu mythology, this stone represents a small yet powerful and influential planet Mercury or ‘Budh’ that bears a strong impact on the native’s life. Since it is aligned with the planet Budh, emerald is also renowned by the name of ‘Budh Ratna’. In India, it’s known by the names of Pachu gem, Budh Ratna, Markat Mani, and Parnaya, while in Greece, it is termed as Smaragdos stone.
                   However, the astrological value of this gemstone is what makes it extremely popular among the larger section of people. In order to strengthen the weakly positioned Mercury in the birth chart and obtain its beneficial influences, Emerald is worn by the natives. Besides astrological benefits, emerald is a common gem for royal and fashionable jewelry, world-over. For the detailed pricing of emeralds gemstone on the basis of origins, visit our previous blog ‘The world of Emeralds – IV’ of the series. Let us study here the key benefits of a Panna gemstone.
Panna Gemstone Benefits
This green-colored precious gemstone from the Beryl mineral family holds a huge significance in Indian as well as western astrology. In western culture, Emerald is believed to be a lucky birthstone for the people born in the month of May. The ancient Indian saints and sages have written extensively about the amazing healing properties of this gem. It was claimed to bring good health, wealth, knowledge, and happy marriage to the wearer. There are various spiritual and metaphysical properties that come along with an emerald stone.
Ensure Success in Creative Ventures:
Panna stone is believed to enhance the wearer’s imagination and creativity. It enables the native to effectively develop and come up with new and innovative ideas. Therefore wearing emerald is highly advantageous for authors, musicians, media members, and public relations professionals.
Stimulates Financial Development:
Renowned by the name of ‘Stone of Prosperity, emerald helps an individual to progress with their career graph and raise more money. Panna is recommended extremely advantageous by astrologers for people working in accounts, finance, investment, and the stock market industry.
Improves Mental and Physical Health:
Wearing a Panna ratan or Pachu stone provides relief in the sufferings of the eye, ear, and skin-related problems. It is effective in the treatment of respiratory allergies, nervous disorders, and speech disorders. Emerald stone relaxes the mind, improves senses, and calms the skin of its wearer.
Refines Oration & Communication
Refined oratorship is one of the most well-known advantages of an emerald gem. According to the sacred Vedas, Mercury is associated with speech, and hence its aligned gemstone, the emerald is known as the ‘Vaani-karaka’ i.e., Proprietor of the Speech. Therefore, by improving communication skills, emerald resolves the problem of low self-confidence and corrects your speech issues.
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