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The owner of a rich green hue, emerald is an extremely precious gemstone of the very famous Navratna clan. Someone said it right, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, and that perfectly suits Emerald. World over, Emeralds are praised for their brilliant color and durability. Besides being excessively beautiful and extraordinarily beneficial in terms of astrology, this vibrant green-colored gem is equally expensive. Though every colored natural gemstone is valuable, still you can buy gemstones online as there are various trusted gemstone stores operating today.

                      The mesmerizing ambiance of this precious stone is simply unparalleled and of high aesthetic value. However, on the other hand, as beautiful and heart throbbing this gemstone is, as tough is to buy it right. Purchasing an emerald is a difficult task to perform. Each time you can’t merely rely on a certificate to assess the actual quality. There are certain points that need to be taken into consideration while buying an emerald gemstone online or offline. Here we are creating a buying guide for emerald gemstones that may help you to make a precise decision and buy your perfect piece of emerald.

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1.      Decide your budget: – Since it is quite a rare stone, emerald is extremely expensive. Therefore it is important to have a budget and buy within. With a set budget, the sales representative or the jeweler can assist you to find the best combination of size and quality in your desired budget.

2.      Choose the design: – Emeralds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, before buying make sure that you have a clear picture of the size, shape, and design of the stone you want to have. These shapes and sizes should be finalized as per your requirement and budget. Consider a round cut emerald if you want more sparkle whereas going for a fancy or oval-shaped emerald if you are looking for a pure deep color shade.

3.      Ensure the quality: – More or fewer inclusions are found in all the emerald gems. Technically, the overall quality of any gemstone is a blend of cut, color, and clarity, but with emeralds, the purer the color is, the more valuable the stone is. An inclusion-free emerald is exceptionally rare. So when you are up for buying an emerald, make sure it is natural, unheated, and of the best quality.

4.      Double-check the authenticity: – Gemstones are among the most expensive investments an individual makes in his or her lifetime. Therefore, while buying a precious emerald gemstone, first ensure its authenticity. Double-check the credibility of the seller and ask for an authenticity certificate.

Navratan holds a profound experience of 80+ years in the colored gemstones. It offers a certificate of authenticity with every gemstone it sells. Along with an easy return option, you have the facility of worldwide shipping. Explore the wide range of certified and authentic emeralds online at Navratangems, the online gem Bazar. Here you will only get precious gemstones that are certified by renowned international gemstones testing laboratories like GRS and Gubline.

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