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Blue sapphire, which is commonly known as Neelam stone in Hindi, is a precious variety of corundum mineral families. It’s a popular or finest quality stone of the Navratna family. According to Vedic astrology, The stone is recognized as the most powerful and fast-acting gemstone on the earth. In other words, we can say the stone is regarded as the result-oriented gemstone. One of the members of the corundum mineral family is popular for its amazing blue hue. The stone is worn to bring prosperity, good wealth, and social status. The stone is best known for its instant action. After wearing a blue sapphire gemstone the native gets instant results. If you have some goals in your life to achieve then this stone can help you to achieve your goals. Every gemstone is associated with some planets and hence the power of the planet is closed with the gemstone. To get the benefits from that planet you need to wear the stone according to your zodiac sign and the placement of the corresponding planet in your horoscope. If you wear a Neelam stone and if it suits the native according to the placement of Saturn in the natal chart then it will show the positive influences in your life. If Saturn is placed in the weaker or negative house then instead of improving your life it will raise more problems for you.   

The Saturn planet is quite popular for its negative influences on life. When a person gets the Shani Mahadasha then many negative changes start in life. To get relief from the ill effects of the Saturn planet, astrologers recommend Blue sapphire stone. Before wearing a stone when you visit an expert astrologer then you will get to know about the Saturn effects in your life. You will feel some changes in your life if the stone suits you. Since this stone is quite a powerful and instant-acting gemstone, Neelam gemstone should be recommended after visiting an expert astrologer. The stone is worn according to the zodiac sign of the human being and hence the stone is best recommended to Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) Rashi. Neelam stone is considered the birthstone of Libra. The stone can also be worn by other ascendants such as Gemini, Virgo, and Taurus. It is essential to consult an astrologer before buying a blue sapphire stone. Buying a stone online is easy but buying a real gemstone that is quite difficult. An astrologer can help you to get the perfect gemstone from a trusted store. Let’s have a quick discussion on the important facts that you should keep in your mind while wearing a Neelam stone.  

How to wear a Neelam stone: To get the proper guidance, it is recommended to visit an astrologer and ask them for the stone that you are going to buy. Hence if you have decided to buy a stone then here are some points that you should know before wearing a Blue sapphire stone:


blue sapphire stone

  1. The weight of the stone plays a huge role in astrology as well as in the financial status of the wearer. When it comes to buying a blue sapphire gemstone then you should always select a gemstone under the proper guidance of an astrologer. Normally, The weight of the stone should be 1/12th of the total body weight of the individual. If you are 50kg then you will need to wear a stone of d carat weight. The price of the stone increases as per the carat weight. Hence it is important to select a stone according to the carat weight and the bodyweight of the wearer.

  2. For best astrological results, a bright medium to dark blue color is preferred. This color combination will work perfectly for you. The stone of light shade of blue color also works fine. 

  3. In the case of blue sapphire stone, Silver is highly recommended. Usually, gold metal is avoided. To get the best results, the stone should wear in the middle finger of the working hand. 

  4. If you wear a Neelam stone on Saturday morning between 5-7 then that will be great for you.

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blue sapphire stone

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