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Zircon arrives last in the Alphabets of gemstones but has the most dazzling sparkle. Zircon stone owns a wide range of color shades including white, blue, yellow, orange, brown, rose and green. It is a gem with vast ancient history and is a natural, luxurious, and underrated gem. When it comes to the most popular variety of zircon then Blue Zircon is the most demanding Zircon stone also remembered as Starlite. A few gemstone varieties in blue hue begin with high-grade hardness and brilliance. It is also the most glorious blue gemstone with a greater refractive index.

Blue Zircon is composed of brown zircon by heat treatment and is one of the most familiar varieties of gemstones. Brown Zircon with the right structural attributes can only be transformed into the Blue variety of Zircon. The most popular origins for blue zircon are in Cambodia and Burma. This gem has unique features that aid it to stand alone among all the other semi-precious gemstones varieties.

Zircon possesses the tendency of strong dispersion or fire and can split frightful colors from white light. Blue Zircon can arrive in a variety of blue tones varying from pale to saturated hues. The phenomenon of Pleochroism looks slightly greenish in color when seen from one direction.


The meanings and perks of Zircon gemstone depend on its color shades. Blue Zircon has various meanings based on its values and features:

  • Clearing one’s mind delivers back purity.

  • It can remind you of slighted wishes and helps in understanding your emotions. The strength of your wishes ascertains the energy it can give you.

  • It has the purpose to prevent evil spirits away and has been used as a fetish for traveling and stability in ancient times.

  • Bring you trust and prosperity with its energy. It clears your view and gives wisdom.

  • It has the ability to heal the inferiority complex as it sustains self-confidence.

  • To get the best benefit of zircon gemstone, it is ordinarily a good idea to use this gemstone. The blue zircon ring is the most common option.


Physical Properties of Zircon 

Zircon is a gemstone that has a chemical composition of ZrSiO4 + Fe, U, Th, Hf. It is discovered in the varieties of Hyacinth and Starlite. The crystallography of the Zircon gemstone is tetragonal. It is a prismatic, pyramidal gem. It is often located in twinned and rounded pebbles. It possesses a great variation in the refractive index from 1.78 to 2.01 based on the loss caused by the radioactive element to its structure. The refractive index for the variation is as follow for the quality of the Blue Zircon;

  • Low: 1.78 – 1.85 (Most Damaged).

  • Intermediate: 1.85 – 1.93.

  • High: 1.92 – 2.01 (least damaged).

Blue zircon is developed by the process of heat treatment. It owns a translucent to adamantine luster, sometimes greasy as well. Like the refractive index, the hardness of this gemstone varies from 6 (low quality) to 7.5 (high quality). The breakage in Blue Zircon is conchoidal. It is translucent to opaque in nature for its clarity and poses the phenomenon of chatoyancy. It is uniaxial optics and holds pleochroism which is definite in blue color stones. It has a strong absorption spectrum capacity.

When it comes to the specific gravity of the zircon stone it varies based on the essence of the gemstone. The gemstone holds specific gravities, 3.95 – 4.20 (low), 4.08 – 4.60 (intermediate), and 4.60 – 4.80 (high). The birefringence varies from 0 to 0.059 depending on the radioactive decay. The cleavage is in faulty shape. It owns a dispersion of 0.039 for all types despite any damage. It is heat treatable as it is not susceptible to heat. It can have luminescence including Fluorescent, Phosphorescent, UV-Long, UV-short, and X-ray colors.

Metaphysical Properties

Blue Zircon gemstone has vast metaphysical properties and can be utilized for physical healing as well. It supports deflecting negative energies, bringing peace and love. It also helps in bringing positivity to life by changing the mind appearing in a positive attitude in life. It can be used for setting chakras, love and relationships, money, and business.

Blue Zircon assists in getting rid of the adverse energies and guards the mind and body against them. It helps in gaining more wisdom, self-esteem, abundance, and self-confidence. It prevents negative energies from coming back into our lives and aids in building a better life. It benefits our thinking appearing in peace of mind. It gives support in relationships as well notably with the one that has some concerns. It brings sympathy among the loved ones.

Like other gems, Blue Zircon is helpful for spiritual healing and strength. It benefits in attaining more concentration and results in improved spiritual relations. It brings enthusiasm and mental endurance and helps to focus on the goals in life. It helps in the vision as the blue color is a symbol of growth and insight. It can enhance fertility and conquer skin diseases among women. Long-term use helps in allergy and asthma. It also assists in preserving diseases like epilepsy, fever, dizziness, muscle issues and prevents migraine attacks.

Blue Zircon in Jewelry 

Jewelry has now converted into a necessary confederate for almost everyone. Just one piece can be the difference-maker in a person’s outfit and also compose a strong, long-lasting impression that can reach the person out from the crowd. Jewelry appears in various styles and forms but handcrafted ones are exceptional and unique. Carved, filigreed, beaded, sequined, painted, knitted, engraved, or knotted, methods for making handcrafted jewelry have increased over the years in different cultures and this has led to the great variations we have today. I am sure everyone understands what jewelry is but I would just like to give a brief definition of jewelry.

Jewelry is embellishing pieces that people use for personal embellishment. It includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, brooches, etc, which may be used on the body or attached to the clothes. In western cultures, only long-lasting adornments and rare metals were initially taken as jewelry but consequently, a combination of precious stones and metals became involved in the term.

In later times, other elements like the seashells and plant materials became helpful too. These days, inventors of handcrafted jewelry make use of various types of gemstones and metals in their work, such as silver, quartz, gold, turquoise, amethyst, coral, brass, and copper. Other makers even use diverse materials like acrylic, glass beads, fabrics as well as some organic elements like hemp, animal bones, horns, leather, shell, and even wood. Many more substances are now used in making pieces of jewelry than before.

Where does Blue Zircon come from

Zircon stone is located in volcanic rock formations and gem gravels globally. Zircon of gemstone grade is discovered in placer mines, shaped rounded or water-worn pebbles. Blue Zircon is discovered in large quantities and has fabulous color variation in the deposits discovered in Thailand, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. These three countries provide a major portion of producing zircon gem material. Zircon is taken as a byproduct of corundum mining in countries including Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

The other countries with few sources of Zircon gem-quality gems include Russia, Germany, and Norway. Madagascar and Brazil are well known for the large-sized Zircon gems, however, the United States and Canada are remembered for small gem-grade mines of Zircon.

How much is Blue Zircon worth

The price for the Blue Zircon varies depending upon the hue and weight of the stone. On average, the price of the stone is $75 per carat for a gemstone that has a weight of 5 to 6 carats. The one with fancy stamps and more reliable colors can be found at a price from $125 to $150 per carat on the wholesale market. It can enter a price as high as $200 per carat for the top blue-colored Zircon. The gem with a weight of over 10 carats holds a price range from $150 to $175 per carat.

The best combination to use Zircon

Diamonds can be blended with other gemstones to make a classic combination. White stones like pearls, white sapphire, and white topaz are the most extensively used because of their versatility. Whether you wish to put the diamond as the center stone or use the diamonds to encircle the blue-colored zircon, be rest assured that you will never be out of class.

If you blend blue zircon with bloodstone and tiger’s eye you would notice enough stamina when you go for a jog or walk.

Consolidating it with red jasper would give you chakra healing that you would want for daily activities.

If you want a red zircon to suit your outfit you can combine it with fire opal, carnelian, garnet, ruby, and coral.

You can consolidate it with apatite, tourmaline, emerald, and aventurine to improve cleansing ability.

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