Pearl, which is well known as The queen of gemstones, has a wide history and charm that extends far beyond the wearer of today’s time. Pearl is a wonderful gem obtained from the shells in the sea and is very rare to trace in its natural form. Pure and natural pearls are round in texture, smooth, and white in color. Besides making beautiful jewelry, they are extensively used in cosmetic products and astrological purposes.



Pearls​ are not actually stones, rather they are gems. They are naturally produced by mollusks (snails). Mollusks are sea animals that are found deep down in marine water. The pearls are produced due to the irritation caused to these organisms.

Chemical and Physical Properties 

A Pearl is a hard substance produced by a soft organism. Chemically, pearls are calcium carbonate (caco3)in a microcrystalline form which is made by living organisms by depositing them at concentrated levels. If we talk about pearl’s physical properties, its hardness varies from 2.5 to 4.5 on the hardness scale.


The use of pearls was quite prevalent during the Ramayana period. Pearls are also discussed in the Bible. Three and a half thousand years BC, the natives of America gave great importance to the red Indian pearl. They believed that the pearls also had magical powers. 


In the 6th century AD, the famous Indian scientist Varaha Mihir gave a detailed description of pearls in the Brihat Samhita. 


In the first century AD, the famous European scholar Pliny scaled the gems of that period in terms of value, the first place was for diamond and the second place was for the pearl. 




The ideal and the valuable shape of a Pearl is round, which is extensively used in jewelry. Other than the round shape, there are many shapes found in cultured pearls. Pearls come in all sizes, big or small.  



The color of the pearls​ depends upon their parent material and the environment. Pearls are found in many stunning colors such as makhaniya, pink, white, black, and gold.

Who should Wear

Pearl is mostly used in making outstanding jewelry. So whoever wants to look beautiful and classy, chooses jewelry made of pearls. Also, it is believed that pearls have incredible positive energy in them, so people wear them to get that energy. People who are suffering from several problems because of the wrongly placed moon should also consider wearing​ pearls.

How to Wear

Pearls have been worn in various forms of ornaments like necklaces, rings, earrings​, anklets​ , etc. In astrology, there are some specific rules that determine when to wear a pearl. Monday is considered the most auspicious day to wear white pearls. 


  • Pearl is the gemstone of the Moon, so wearing it gives peace to your mind. 

  • The Wearer of the Pearl can overcome his/her anger and become a confident person. 

  • In the ancient Ayurvedic text records of India, there is a mention of the use of pearl-bhasma (powdered pearl) in the manufacturing of many types of medicines such as anti-constipation and vomiting inducers. 

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