Ruby Stone

Ruby is one of the valuable gemstones of the corundum mineral family. There are mainly four popular precious gemstones on the earth: Diamond, Panna, Ruby, and Sapphire. Ruby is the strongest gemstone ruled by the Sun. The sun is the ultimate source of power and that’s why ruby is also considered as the gemstone of prosperity and success. The Word Ruby comes from the Latin word Rubens that means Red. This word defines all about the appearance of ruby gemstones

               The Ruby stone which is also known as Manik stone is mainly found in different shades of Red. The gemstone is found in a different variety from rich darkish red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red. Due to its variety of colors, this gemstone is classified into different categories such as Pigeon Blood ruby, Burma Ruby, etc. This red color in ruby gemstone comes from the element chromium. In other words, we can say the reason behind the different colors of a ruby gemstone is chromium element. It is also considered as the birthstone of July month. People who are born in July can wear this stone. Due to its relationship with the sun, this gemstone has many astrological benefits. If you are celebrating your 15th or 40th anniversary then this Ruby gemstone can be the best traditional gift for you. 

The ruby gemstone has a hardness of 9 moh scale that means it is an extremely strong gemstone. If we compare the ruby stone with other precious stones then the ruby gemstones are as springy as the sapphires and this gemstone is only softer than diamonds. Rubies are found all over the World including Myanmar (formerly Burma), Africa, Australia, and the USA. The majority of these ruby gemstones originate in Myanmar, Thailand, and other locations in Asia. 


Ruby Stone



       Rubies with a full rich red color and just a hint of blue tones are the precious variety of ruby gemstones. Originally the finest quality of ruby gemstone is found in Myanmar and these rubies are often called Burma Ruby. Burma rubies are a rich variety of ruby gemstones that means it is a highly expensive variety of ruby gemstones. All the rubies on the earth have defects. Rubies without any imperfections are extremely rare and if we talk about the similar weight and quality of diamond then these rare rubies are highly expensive than diamonds. 

A Chinese jewelry company owns the world’s largest ruby. It weighs 5,11 x 5,43 x 5,70 inches and weighs 81,83 g (40,920 carat). Because of their red hues, rubies are related to the themes that represent the spirit and vibrancy of life. If you think that there is a gemstone that represents the passion of love then It is only the ruby gemstone. Rubies are formed naturally but in order to improve the color and strengthen of the rubies, these gemstones are further treated with many chemical processes. This step is considered as the standard practice in the jewelry industry and it is accepted by the American Gem Trade Association and shine stones.

Ruby has different names in different languages. In Hindi, it is called Manik stone. In Sanskrit, It is called Ratnaraj (King Of Gems). Mogok is a legendary valley of ruby in Myanmar. It is one of the largest sources of the finest quality gems. The ruby ring sold for $1,266,901 per carat on May 12, 2015, established a new record for a colored gemstone at the auction. The ruby gemstone is the chemical composition of Al2O3. It has a specific gravity of 4.00 (+/- 0.05). The Prefered carat weight for a ruby gemstone is 1/12 of the total body weight. If you are having a 72kg weight then you should wear a Manik stone of 6-carat weight. If we talk about the metal for ruby then Gold is highly recommended for this gemstone but you can also use Panchdhatu, silver, or white gold with ruby gemstone. Wear this stone on the ring finger of the working hand. The best time to wear this stone is early Sunday morning.  

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